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  • I joined Flickr when it first began and have been a Pro member ever since.  Images relating to PHOT122 can be found in my “Illumination” set.  There are also many other images that weren’t taken specifically for the subject which can be found in my general Photostream.
  • I joined to find a community of photographers, of whom I could ask specific photography questions (Flickr tends to be a much more mixed community).

Portrait Photography: Guides, Advice and Tutorials

Photographic Equipment & Sales

  • I bought my camera and lens from a local branch of Teds.  They were the only store I visited where the sales people all seemed to know more about photography than I (a total newbie!) did. :p  They were also happy to negotiate a lower price and provided great service.
  • I read a LOT of reviews before buying my camera and lens. There are quite a few good review sites around but some of the best ones I used included, CNet’s Digital Camera Reviews, and  All of these have “professional” reviews as well as user reviews, which are sometimes even more useful than the professional ones.  Doing a lot of research helped me decide what components I should buy for the best possible low-light, available-light and portrait photography.

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