Photography books I’m reading (or have read):

Bamberg, M 2006, Digital Art Photography for Dummies, Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis.

This book is engaging and very easy to understand thanks to clear structure and simple language.  It provides simple explanations of various composition and capture techniques, for a full range of situations: colour, black and white, day, night, people. animals, indoors, outdoors… everything!

Blair, JG 2008, Alternative Digital Photography, Thomson Course Technology, Boston.

Guidance for taking interesting and artistic photos using alternative capture and postproduction techniques.  Many of the techniques are a bit too alternative for my taste (verging on tacky), but it’s inspiring and interesting nonetheless.

Bucher, C 2007, Lighting Photo Workshop, Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis.

Covers all kinds of lighting, from available light outdoors, to lit interiors, to studio lights for various purposes.  Also has an excellent chapter dedicated to low-light photography. Excellent for intermediate and ongoing photographers.

Buell, H 2007, Moments: The Pulitzer Prize-Winning Photographs: A Visual Chronicle of Our Time (4th Ed), Black Dog & Leventhal Publishers.

Brilliant, award-winning images in a large-format, hardcover book.  The stories accompanying each photograph make for riveting reading and put each photograph in context, and many of the images are accompanied by technical capture details.

Busch, DD 2005, Digital Photography All-In-One Desk Reference for Dummies (2nd Ed), Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis.

Ostensibly, this is “7 Books in 1” – but really, these are just sensible book sections, rather than separate books. 🙂  That said, this is a fairly simple but good introduction to digital photography, using both compact digitals and digital SLRs, and has useful tips and advice for intermediate as well as beginner photographers.

Busch, DD 2005, Digital SLR Cameras & Photography for Dummies, Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis.

Probably one of the best books for someone who is new to photography and has acquired their first digital SLR.  It’s written for beginners, and probably won’t help more experienced photographers very much at all.

Busch, DD 2005, Mastering Digital SLR Photography, Thomson Course Technology PTR, Boston.

Introductory book for someone with their first DSLR.  Excellent for beginners, but probably not for more advanced photographers.

Child, J 2008, Studio Photography: Essential Skills (4th Ed), Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

Excellent book for all levels.  It covers the basics of studio photography, but goes on to also provide guidance on more advanced subjects.  It also provides the reader with “assignments” or projects to complete to improve their skills.

Farace, J, and Staver, B 2009, Available Light Digital Photography, Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

I personally prefer using available light to capture the mood and atmosphere of a scene rather than imposing my own lighting on it with a flash or Speedlite; so this book is both inspirational and informative!

Galer, M 2006, Digital Photography in Available Light (3rd Ed), Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

Excellent book for intermediate and more advanced photographers.  It wastes little time with introductory skills but instead plunges into equipment and techniques for available and low-light photography.

Galer, M 2007, Photography Foundations for Art & Design (4th Ed), Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

Absolutely brilliant book on the principles and techniques that can be used to create beautiful, captivating images.  The first section provides the principles; the second part of the book provides the reader with projects for improving their skills; and the third section provides a technical guide for optimising and using digital images.

Grey, C 2004, Master Lighting Guide for Portrait Photographers, Amherst Media, Inc., Buffalo.

First-class book on lighting portraits.  It starts with first principles, and goes on to look at equipment, light ratios, and basic lighting, before exploring more advanced lighting styles and specific applications.  For intermediate and more advanced portrait photographers.

Hedgecoe, J 2006, The Art of Digital Photography, Dorling Kindersley, London.

This is a nicely presented but fairly basic book, covering principles and styles.

Hedgecoe, J 2006, The Book of Photography, Dorling Kindersley, London.

This book is mostly quite basic, but it has a particularly strong section on portraiture.

Hirsch, R 2008, Light and Lens: Photography in the Digital Age, Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

Beautifully presented book for intermediate photographers.  Covers basics of photography but goes into more advanced ideas, techniques, and projects.

Jacobson, RE, Ray, SF et al. 2000, The Manual of Photography: Photographic and Digital Imaging (9th Ed), Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

This is a serious technical reference on every aspect of photographic process, suitable for intermediate and advanced photographers.  This is why, despite its age, it is a valuable book: the underlying principles have not changed as fast as the technologies in the last 10 years.

King, JA 2006, Digital Photography for Dummies (5th Ed), Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis.

Really, really simple intro to digital photography for utter beginners.

Lacey, J, and Henshall, J 2003, Wedding and Portrait Photography, Rotovision SA, Switzerland.

This book is filled with portraits and wedding images, as well as case studies of various situations. It’s really an introductory book, though, and in addition is showing its age a little in places due to its publication 6 years ago – for example, there are dozens of places that seem to be trying to convince the reader to try a newfangled digital camera system!!!

Langford, M and Andrews, P 2007, Langford’s Starting Photography (5th Ed), Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

It may sound like it’s aimed at the same beginner market as the “Dummies” books, but this book goes into a lot more depth and covers a lot more ground.

Lovegrove, D 2007, Professional Wedding Photography, Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

I’m not really considering becoming a wedding photographer yet!  But this did have some great ideas on preparing for shoots and taking photos of people that I thought were valuable.

Peres, MR 2007, Focal Encyclopedia of Photography (4th Ed), Elsevier Inc., Oxford.

Awesome, brilliant book for beginners and advanced photographers alike.  This is NOT a “how-to” book, but rather a body of knowledge on the history, themes, organisations, companies, systems, science, issues, and future of photography.

Timacheff, S 2008, Canon EOS Digital Workshop, Wiley Publishing, Inc., Indianapolis.

Contains some of the very latest information on current Canon equipment and how various Canon technologies can be used for optimal results.  Because this book is especially written for Canon EOS digitals, it can reference proprietary Canon features and terminology making it easier to translate the techniques it describes to my actual camera.

Wilson, D 2001, Better Picture Guide to Portrait Photography, Rotovision SA, Switzerland.

Valuable advice on shooting both informal/”candid” portraits and formal portraits, with dedicated sections on lighting and equipment.


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