Landscapes in the Australian Alps

I tried to travel to the Australian Alps last September – the end of Winter in Australia – to shoot landscapes, but unfortunately I didn’t know that the melting snow would not make for the kinds of shots I wanted to take. Little did I know but snow on the ground continually absorbs mud and minerals; and as it melts, those contaminants concentrate into streaky bands and patches in the remaining snow. Thus, I was determined to shoot the *new* snow this year, and over the weekend just passed (which included a public holiday here in Australia!) I travelled back to the Australian Alps to photograph the changing scenery.

Stream in the Australian Alps

Stream in the Australian Alps

It was a really lovely trip. The sky was a cloudless blue and there wasn’t a breath of wind all day, which meant it felt comfortably warm enough without being trussed up in thick coats. There was plenty of spectacular scenery, and I took quite a few photos which I’m now post-processing. The image above was produced using my HDR-Lightroom technique, described here. I’m still refining the technique, but it’s certainly capable of producing high-impact images!


~ by Q on June 15, 2010.

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