Entry in Lights! Canberra! Action! Film Festival

I did it! A few posts back I was considering entering a short film in Lights! Canberra! Action!, and here’s the film I submitted, shot on my Canon 5D Mark II. It was my very first attempt at shooting a short film, and I learned a lot from making it. 🙂

While it didn’t make the Final 12, I learned a LOT from the process of planning and shooting the film… and I’ve since learned quite a bit about editing too. Here’s my feedback from the judges (which I think is fair!):

Hi Leonard,
Thanks for your patience in waiting for this feedback.
I’ve had a look at the judges scores and notes and have compiled the following comments on your film, Head over Heels (ID#1016):

The film scored its best scores in cinematography, with inconsistent audio levels pulling your sound score down – sometimes the dialogue was hard to hear over the ambient sound of the locations. The biggest comment was that the pace of the film could have been quicker ie. more story within the duration, or a shorter duration overall would have benefited the film greatly.

Overall, it was considered a good concept that could have been a stronger film with a tighter edit and clearer audio but had great quality visuals, some lovely lighting and a lead actor that had half the judges comparing him to Sam from Supernatural (in a complimentary way – he’s like a doppelganger!)

I hope this helps and that you’ll enter again next year.

Kind Regards,
Marisa Martin
Lights! Canberra! Action!
Filmmaking Festival

~ by Q on June 1, 2010.

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