Considering: Lights, Canberra, Action!

I’ve taken part in a local film festival called “Lights, Canberra, Action” a number of times – as an actor, voice actor, and supporting crew member (with varying levels of success!).  It is run as an activity in conjunction with our local Canberra Festival, commemorating and celebrating Canberra’s foundation as the Australian national capital, and involves creating a short film that features a list of secret locations and/or items around Canberra – all within a 10-day production timeframe, from go to whoa.

But this year will be different.  This is the first year of the Festival that I’ve been in possession of one of the best HD cameras in the world, the Canon 5DmkII – together with a steadily growing video production capability, including a pro-quality RODE VideoMic and a top-of-the-line, lightning fast video workstation, a Dell T7500 with Ultrasharp 24-inch monitors, running both Sony Vegas and Adobe Premiere.  So – this is the first year I’ve had the capability to shoot and produce my very own short film for the Festival!

It’s going to run from 26 February to 8th March.  Whether I join someone’s team, or form my own, I’m really hoping I get to be part of something really great this year. 🙂


~ by Q on January 22, 2010.

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