Portrait Post-Production

Okay.  I haven’t written an update on my portrait shoot for a few days, and you might be one of the people  who have been asking me what’s happening with them, or alternatively, why I’m not dancing/socialising/sleeping as much as I usually do. 🙂

The simple answer to all of the above is: I’m doing “post-production” of all of the images from the portrait shoot: selecting the best images, adjusting the colour in each photo by changing settings in the RAW (“digital negative”) files, composing and cropping each image so that it looks its best, and “Photoshopping” each portrait so that each model looks flawless. 🙂  A recount of my photos puts the total at just under 800 images altogether.. and this translates into a LOT of work!

So bear with me while I go through this lengthy and gruelling post-production phase.  This is, really, the critical stage that turns good photos into extraordinary ones; and having put so much work into taking the photos, I’m determined to do the very best job I can at finishing them properly. 🙂


~ by Q on May 27, 2009.

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