Tired but Happy. :)

Months of learning, weeks of planning, and days of preparation came together last night in a portrait photo shoot that (successfully!) yielded both my assignment photos, and a large stack of portfolio/professional-quality images.  Some stats:

  • 8 models (6 girls, 2 guys)
  • 1 hour to set up
  • 2.5 hours to shoot
  • 2 separate sets:
    • a high-key set with two diffuse modelling lights, primarily geared for “beauty” shots; and
    • a low-key studio flash key light/back light set, primarily geared for “dramatic” photos.
  • Hair by Sheryn from Hair in the City; Make-up by Kim Balaga.
  • Took over 500 photos, in 22 megapixel RAW and low-res JPEG.
  • That’s over 18GB of image files.

Un-Photoshopped image taken on the

Un-Photoshopped image taken on the “dramatic” set.

I’d like to recommend my hair and make-up professionals to anyone looking for awesome stylists.  They were promptly on time, treated my models (who are my friends, so this was important!) well by all accounts, and did a fantastic job.  Thank you, Sheryn and Kim!

Un-Photoshopped image taken on the

Un-Photoshopped image taken on the “beauty” set.

And thank-you to my models -my friends-, who volunteered for this to help me with my assignment and were awesome sports, even when I ran out of time (and memory cards! 😦 ) towards the end of the shoot and couldn’t photograph them in as many outfits as I would have liked.

Next step is to comb through the images, cropping, processing, and editing!  To achieve the results I’d like for my assignment, I’ll need to photo-composite a few of my best studio shots onto various backgrounds.  I did one for fun in about 10 minutes this morning. 🙂

So the work’s not finished yet – but at least this next stage should be a lot less pressure, and quite a bit of fun. 🙂

Finally, extra thanks to Red and Judy for easing my post-shoot nerves with a couple of first-class scotches.  You guys always seem to know just how to make everything better. 🙂


~ by Q on May 22, 2009.

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