Practice: Abstract Twilight Shots

On the way home last night there was smoke all over the road due to a burn-off (fire hazard reduction) at a nearby nature reserve.  I thought it would be interesting to take some sunset photos through the smoke (which would have acted as a diffuser, for a nice red sunset) but by the time I found a place to safely pull up, I was through the smoke!  It was mostly behind me, and the light was fading fast – there was no time to walk back up the road to make the shots.  The few sunset photos I took weren’t terribly spectacular.  However, in one of the shots, a cyclist rode through the frame, leaving behind a trail of light in the captured frame… and that gave me some ideas.  I turned the camera around and took some shots of the road behind me!

The smoke from the burn-off caused the yellow street lights to diffuse, giving the air beneath them a yellow hue.  I also added a diffusion filter to my lens to make the car headlights turn into brightly glowing arcs of light.  The resulting images are quite interesting!


~ by Q on May 6, 2009.

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