Practice: Commonwealth Place

After class on Thursday night, I went out for my usual night shoot, this time at Commonweath Place.  I wanted to try out a 58mm diffusion filter with light sources, and a classmate showed me some photos a friend of his had taken at Commonwealth Place that looked really very cool.  The diffusion filter spreads out highlights in an image; the stronger the highlight, the more spread out it becomes.

The effect can be seen in this pair of images – the image on the left is unfiltered, and the image on the right is taken through the diffusion filter.  Each light source in the diffused image seems to “glow” – this might be a useful effect for my “Shedding Illumination” photos, to create a “halo” effect on some of the subjects.  However, the diffused image is also less sharp than the non-diffused one, so I’ll have to be careful using it or I’ll just end up with fuzzy pictures.


~ by Q on May 5, 2009.

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