Practice: "Tapestry"

One of my many hobbies apart from photography is dancing.  Every Friday night my friends from dance go out to a different club in our area – many of which put on live bands on Friday and Saturday nights – and dance the night away.  Last night a duo called “Tapestry” was playing; the guitarist was trying to get a video of them playing together with his digital compact and I volunteered to take some photos and get some video of them.

I tried doing some flash shots early in the session but I hated them – they looked lifeless, as if they were practising in a well-lit room rather than performing on stage… so I switched the flash off and used available light.  This posed some of its own problems: the flashing, changing, multicoloured stage lights made it impossible to “set up” any shots properly as the light was always changing (and of course the performers were always moving).  I basically had to try to find good angles, make sure I had my subject in focus, and just wait for the lighting and pose to come together every now and then, to capture those fleeting moments!  A challenging session, but I quite like the moody, atmospheric results…


~ by Q on April 25, 2009.

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