Gearing Up…

So um, I’ve heard that photography is a bit of an expensive hobby to get into seriously, and it certainly looks like turning out that way. I keep finding cool stuff and thinking “oh wow I just have to get that, it would be so great for photography”.  Sigh.  Case in point: my new Vestpack.

This product includes a standard pocket-vest with lots of front pockets where I can put filters, spare memory cards, and batteries for fast and easy access; and also comes with a nice-looking urban-design backpack.

The front panels of the vest detach and can be clipped to the straps of the backpack so that they’re a single unit, with heavier items in the bag section (tripod, lenses, speedlite, and camera body) and fast-access items on the front.  The backpack section is spacious enough for me to just drop my existing camera bag into it for some extra padding and protection.

I’ve had a chance to try it out on a climb up a local hill to take pictures for a friend’s website project, and the backpack makes it so much easier to carry and use my gear.


~ by Q on April 24, 2009.

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