It was the last class before term break last night, and our teacher allowed those of us who wanted to, to use the studio.  By sheer chance I happened to have a bag full of delicious Lindt chocolate Easter bunnies (my favourite kind btw) in class, and I had a few classmates offer to help me with the shoot – for payment in chocolate. 🙂

Lighting and props had a few issues.  Because this session was impromptu, I hadn’t brought any of my light bulbs with me… but fortunately, our teacher found me an incandescent pearl bulb somewhere to use as a prop.  No CFLs, unfortunately – which I would have preferred… 😦

Lighting was more problematic.  I wanted to “set” my portrait photos in urban or home settings, in case I get time to Photoshop those incongruous natural elements into the background (flowers, plants… maybe even the odd critter).  The studio has a “kitchen” set, which happens to be a working kitchenette but is filled with props.  In the middle of the setup there is a non-movable “island” bench area, and I had to place my models between this bench and the benches around the wall.

This left no room for any of the lights we had in the studio, to do the backlighting for the “halos” that I wanted. The best I could do was to put a snoot to the right of my models and try to get some of the light on their hair.  This helped a little but was nowhere near the effect I was hoping to achieve.  Nevertheless, the session was relatively successful, and I certainly have a better idea of lighting setup.  For example, the snoot was good on the hair… but if a model brought their head too far back into the light, it cast shadows across their face – not big ones, but enough to spoil the image a bit. 😦

So perhaps even more importantly, I’ve learned the importance of posing the models and paying attention to detail!  In some of the photos the modelling was almost perfect, but a few wisps of hair cast shadows across their face and spoiled the photo.  In some others, the angle of the head or its position relative to the key light was just a little off, and again there were undesirable shadows.  Oh well – I wasn’t expecting to have *anything* at this point, so this was a bonus shoot and certainly helped me learn some important lessons.


~ by Q on April 11, 2009.

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