Practice: Some Night Photography

After last night’s class on portrait photography I went out to the Carillon to do a bit of practise with my new speedlite, which I’m still getting the hang of, and with low-light photography in general.  I did get some decent flash shots, but my favourite photos are still available-light ones.  This is my favourite photo of the night:

This shot is actually a bit more complicated than in may look.  I set up my camera on a tripod over the water after noticing how the rocks broke up the reflection.  Keeping the camera stable with the tripod, I shot three exposure-bracketed images 1 stop apart: one for the highlights, one “normal” exposure, and one for the shadows.  All three exposures were fairly long, however: a few seconds each, to capture the available light.

I used the High Dynamic Range (HDR) tool in Adobe Photoshop at home to merge the exposures so that I could get the detail of the light through the trees and the subtle reflections on the rocks in the water, without having a massively blown-out Carillon (I think it may still be a bit overexposed).  Prior to this subtle HDR merge, the trees and rocks were just black blotchy silhouettes.


~ by Q on April 3, 2009.

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