Earth Hour 2009

I only thought of heading to the top of Mount Ainslie for Earth Hour when there was about 25 minutes left.  By the time I got there, it was right on the stroke of 9:30, so sadly, I missed getting any really good photos of Canberra in darkness. 😦  Oh well.  Here is Canberra, less than 5 minutes after the end of Earth Hour:

While I was up there I played around with taking some night-time portrait shots with my new flash.  At first I got some pretty dismal results… but eventually I started getting some pretty decent ones. 🙂  In this photo, I opened the aperture up, set a high ISO and kept a long shutter speed to get as much light from the city below as possible… but I also used the flash, bounced to the left, to fill the subject in the foreground.  I quite like the effect. 🙂

Unfortunately the image is marred by a wierd light in the sky above the subject’s head. 😦  A number of shots I took had random lights appearing in strange places, but I’m not sure why.  There were no big stars or aeroplanes, and no UFOs I’m aware of!!!


~ by Q on April 1, 2009.

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