I’m going to do a series of portraits entitled “Shedding Illumination”.  This is a double pun:

  • “Shedding” can mean giving off… or giving up something
  • “Illumination” usually means light… but it can be both physical light or “enlightenment”.

So to “shed illumination” could mean to emit light, like a light bulb… it could mean giving up light, as people will be for Earth Hour… or it could mean to emit enlightenment, to “illuminate” an intellectual or spiritual “darkness”.

My portraits will feature people holding light sources: incandescent bulbs, CFL bulbs, etc.  In some of the photos, the bulbs they’re holding will be unlit, and in these images, I’ll light the subjects attractively and try to light them as if they, themselves, are a source of light or “illumination”.  These photos represent people choosing to participate in Earth Hour, people who are choosing to “Vote Earth”. I might pose the subjects in positions that show intelligence or enlightenment – perhaps “classical” poses.

I’ll contrast these with portrait shots of people who are unattractively or harshly lit… these ones will be holding lit light bulbs, and they’ll be representative of people who are not participating in Earth Hour, either because they don’t want to or because they don’t care.  I could pose them so that their faces can’t be seen, in positions that represent apathy or perhaps even death.

If I get time, I’ll Photoshop the images so that the “attractive” portraits have incongruous elements in the background, representing nature or earth, e.g. flowers coming through the carpet, plants growing in the sink; and Photoshop the “unattractive” portraits to have images of desolation in the background, e.g. a suburban background with no plants or animals.

This is a LOT to try to do!!!  And I’m really not sure how I’ll manage the “lit” lightbulb shots.  I certainly don’t want to accidentally fry a model. 😦


~ by Q on March 11, 2009.

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