The Brief!

So this is what I’ll have to do over the next few months for my major assignment:

You are to produce a series of photos and one photographic poster (A4 collage) based on one of the photos, to promote Earth Hour… (the images must be tied together with a theme).

The photos and poster can be printed on paper, card, canvas, etc., at the resolution and colour mode specific to the output device and material, eg photographic paper is 250dpi, using CMYK, inkjet printers vary in dpi but rule of thumb is 1/3 of maximum resolution, using RGB (printer software converts RGB to CMYK).  For offset printing (commercial printers) use a resolution of 300 dpi or 150 lpi.  All the images must also be presented on screen either as a Powerpoint, Web based or Multi-media presentation.  The images should be 1024 pi wide with a resolution of 96 lpi.  The software used is up to you (eg Flash, Director), and the presentation maybe as as simple as a slide show.  All images to be stored as JPEGs using the sRGB colour space.

Part I:

Produce a minimum of six (6) colour photos, minimum size 5″ x 7″, linked together through one or more themes promoting Earth Hour.  Use the class discussion times to help you focus your ideas.

Part II:

Produce one collage.  The size of this work of art is up to you, but must be at least A4 in size.  It can be colour, B&W or a mixture, but combines the themes used in Part I – perhaps a summary of all images produced in Part I? You must use at least one of your photos (or part of) created in Part I, along with at least one royalty free image (or part of) purchased from image libraries or from CDs/DVDs that are provided with some software applications, but make sure you understand and follow their copyright/usage terms and conditions. You may also add (combine) text if you wish.  Any software can be used to create this collage, eg Photoshop, Illustrator, etc.  Plus the output doesn’t have to be printed on a single piece of paper, could be a banner, a folding card etc, think about how you would like to present your printed work.  You may also create the collage manually (and will also need to be scanned in).  This collage must also be presented on screen, and can be combined with your Part I presentation.

So to summarize:

  • Minimum of seven (7) images produced – six (6) photos and one (1) photographic collage
  • Collage to include at least one of (or part of) the six photos produced, and include at least one royalty free image.
  • All images to be presented on screen at 96 dpi with a minimum resolution of 1024pi along one axis, as a slide show or multimedia presentation.
  • All images to be printed at high quality (using printer specifications), six photos – minimum size 5″ x 7″ and one collage minimum size A4, prsented to class.
  • All images to be saved as JPEGs (max quality of 10 or greater) using the sRGB colour space at 300dpi for prints and 96dpi for screen based imaged.
  • Maintain and submit a visual diary.
  • Most importantly, have fun with this assignment!


  • Milestone 1 – Week 5 (12 March): Proposals and class discussions
  • Milestone 2 – Week 6 (19 March): Concept/Design due & sign-off
  • Milestone 3 – Week 9 (9 April): Progress update #1 & sign-off
  • Milestone 4 – Week 12 (14 May): Progress update #2 & sign-off
  • Milestone 5 – Week 14 (28 May): Pre-assessment & proofs (proofs maybe required earlier depending on your printing service)
  • DUE – Week 17 (18 June): Present to class & submission

~ by Q on March 7, 2009.

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