Practice: Dance Photos

This is one of the first photos I took with my new camera. 🙂  I took it to dance class to see how the full frame sensor + good high ISO performance + f/1.4 lens would perform when taking low-light action shots.

The shutter speed for this exposure was 1/30s: too slow to freeze fast action.  Mark and Kellie are dancing to a pretty fast song in this shot, but this shot was timed to coincide with a “hit” in the music where I knew there would be a momentary freeze as Mark dipped Kellie.  So there’s some motion blur on Kellie’s foot, but the photo’s relatively clear.  I *really* like the “look” of this photo, which doesn’t look artificially lit by a flash, but this is a somewhat hit-and-miss way to get dance photos.

The high ISO performance + f/1.4 lens isn’t going to let me get reliable results for low-light action photography using only available light.  To get really clear, crisp dance action shots on a more regular basis, I don’t think I’ve got much choice, I’m going to need a flash.


~ by Q on March 7, 2009.

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